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Transitway Comes to Arlington

April 12, 2016News ClipRibbon-cutting ceremony marks the launch of joint Arlington-Alexandria bus service.

“This is Arlington,” said Sandra Borden from the Crystal City Civic Association as she points across Glebe Road, “and over there, that’s Alexandria.”

Four Mile Run divides Arlington and Alexandria in most places, with Potomac Yard as the northern tip of Alexandria bordering Crystal City at the southern end of Arlington. So far, those communities are fairly insular, but with new residential developments moving into Crystal City and a major Potomac Yard commercial redevelopment underway, a new transit system hopes to bridge that gap.

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Alexandria: Uniting for Clean Energy

April 7, 2016News ClipRally spotlights climate change’s effects on people.

A rally to support clean power, held in Market Square on April 2, was interrupted by a heckler denouncing climate change as a fraud. For attendees of the rally, it was an unexpected disturbance, but the legislators hosting the event say it’s par for the course.

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Democratic lawmakers oppose renaming law school for Scalia

April 6, 2016News Clip

McLEAN, Va. (AP) — George Mason University is tweaking its plan to rename its law school the Antonin Scalia School of Law to avoid an unfortunate acronym, but a group of state legislators wants to scrap the idea entirely.


Eleven Democratic lawmakers sent a letter Tuesday to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, also known as SCHEV, asking it to reject the university’s renaming plan out of concern over whether Scalia is worthy of the honor. Mason, Virginia’s largest public university, has said it needs the council’s approval for the new name.


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Arlington gun shop opens; demonstrators stage rally nearby

March 26, 2016News Clip

ARLINGTON — The opening of Arlington County’s first stand-alone gun shop in modern memory drew several dozen supporters from around the region to a fully stocked storefront, while a smaller local group rallied in opposition five blocks away.

Nova Armory did brisk business Saturday, drawing customers wanting guns, gun vaults, ammunition and cleaning kits, while others sought to win a $500 discount on future purchases. Handguns on display cost anywhere from $249 to $999. Shotguns, rifles and other firearms carried higher price tags.

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Town Hall!

March 11, 2016Blog Post

TOWN HALL TOMORROW (Saturday) at Noon at Alexandria City Hall.

Session is over! I apologize for the late notice, but I wasn't sure until just this moment whether we would end in time for a town hall tomorrow. But we will.

So please come to Alexandria City Hall for an informal talk about the session that will have just completed. There's a City Council public meeting at the same time. So you should be able to go to both.

It will be my first day back in Alexandria. Come by and say hello!

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