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I believe constituents have a right to know what their elected representatives are up to, particularly with regard to legislation they introduce. I plan to uphold what I call the Gold Standard of Transparency by directing my staff to video-record the proceedings on each of my bills as they come before subcommittee and committee. That way, every constituent can know exactly what was said and done on each of the 20 or so bills I introduce.  Scroll down to see my bills for the 2017 and 2016 sessions.

    Committee Assignments
    (2016, 2017)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Science and Technology


    Legislation (2017)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Paid family & medical leave for both parents. (HB 2126)

    Modeled on Kirsten Gillibrand's U.S. Senate bill, my legislation would support up to 60 days of family/medical leave at two thirds of normal income, at the cost of only 0.2% matching contributions by employees and employers.

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    Physical Evidence Recovery Kits (PERKs) storage. (HB 2127) Law

    This bill does two things.  First, it guarantees that evidence of sexual assault will be preserved until at least age 28. Second, it gives survivors of sexual assault (of any age) the option of extending the storage of evidence by 10 years at a time--as many times as they want--if they are not ready to pursue charges at that time.

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    Considering any abuse in custody cases (Tyler’s Law). (HB 2128)

    This bill would allow courts in Virginia to consider a history of non-family child abuse and domestic violence by one of the parties when determining the custody of the child.  Family abuse is already considered. It gets its name from the courageous, eloquent young man who has testified in favor of the bill below. We came very close in 2017, and I will continue to bring this legislation forward until it is passed.

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    Virginia Human Rights Act: non-discrimination in employment & housing (HB 2129)

    My legislation would make discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity illegal with regard to employment, housing, and public accommodations. The law already covers covers race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age, marital status, disability, and status as a veteran. I plan to propose this extension to the act every year until it is passed.

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    Protecting transportation funding with a gradual fuel tax. (HB 2130)

    Due to the volatility of gas prices, transportation funding tied to fuel taxes is inconsistent and often insufficient.  HB 2130 would, in the Northern Virginian counties with a need for greater public transportation funding, allow for a gradual increase in the fuel tax as the price of gas goes down, capped at $0.14/gallon.  The tax will remain at the higher level once raised, so that long-term transportation funding is increased.

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    Funding Law Libraries (HB 2131)

    This bill would allow Alexandria to increase funding for law libraries by increasing the tax on lawsuits by up to $3.

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    Stop Predatory Towing! (HB2132)

    This bill would allow a locality to include on its towing advisory board equal numbers of representatives from (i) local law-enforcement agencies (ii) towing operators, (iii) business owners, and (iv) the general public.  

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    Legislation (2016)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron Budget Request

    Bring Virginia into Federal Compliance (HB 1278)

    Appointing authority for Board of Directors of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Changes from the U.S. Administrator of General Services to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation the appointing authority for the two federal members of the Board of Directors of the Authority and their alternates. The change is made in the WMATA Compact found in Title 33.2 of the Code of Virginia in order to conform with federal law. The bill contains an emergency clause.

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    VA Human Rights Act (HB 1005)

    Mark Levine fought for the right of every human being to live without discriminatory practices - an ideal that the Republicans who killed the bill unfortunately aren't ready for.

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